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Gale Forced winds blows my fence down

Just before Christmas 2012 we had Gale force Winds at our house. When I went outside the next morning the fence and gate panel was laying on the ground.
I had to remove the fence panel and gate from the 4x4 post and get new post and cement them in the ground. I had to replace a few fence boards and found that they were too long and the 4x4 post were to long also.
Image 1 is the fence reinstalled and cut to length. Image 2 is the Ryobi tool kit that I bought about 6-7 years ago, as you can see it has a drill, circular saw, a reciprocating saw and added later is an air hammer. The drill motor installed all the 3" screws to hold the fence and gate boards in place, the circular saw cut the fence post and fence boards to the right height, the reciprocating saw cut the dog ears fence tops and the air hammer screw in the 3" long screw bolts into the gate hinges. I did upgrade the batteries and chargers to get longer life with the Lithium Ion batteries and chargers.
Thanks Ryobi for a great product that always works as needed. This has to be the one tool kit that I seem to use a lot, it is my go to tool kit.

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