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Emma's Room

I have a house built in the 1800's so most of the rooms are not level or square. Also the walls and floors were not insulated with fiberglass just wood paneling. I ripped all old material out and used my ryobi 18V tools to either cut screw or rework areas of the room to allow for new insulation, drywall, paint, and a new taller door frame. Let's just say I opened a can of worms. After doing a majority of the work on my own I then employed the assistance of my father-in-law to help me finish securing door and smoothing out drywall. It is now one of the best looking and warmest rooms in the house. I love all the available accessories for my ryobi set and the new ones to come. My daughter is only month old (3/2/12). So when she is old enough hopefully she will appreciate the hard work we put into making her room special just for her.

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