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Printing press Business Card Holder

After spending a week in Alaska with the owners of a printing company, I decided I needed to make something special to show my appreciation for all their hospitality. I decided on business card holders that would mean something. So I came up with my on design of an ABDick 360 shoot press. The press is no long made but at the time they got into the business, it was the backbone of their business, It is made out of all Indiana hardwood from my Father In-Law's saw mill. Popular, Cherry and Walnut are the majority of it. It was made with many tools including a router, table saw, 18 volt + one drill, and orbital and spindle sanders. It was intricate but not as difficult once all my jigs were made. I made a total of 12 of them. This one was the one I made to hold my business cards. I don't know where I'd be with out my Ryobi tools.

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I love this! I have worked in a printing company for 18 years and we had a press exactly like this! I would love to make one of these. Would you be willing to share more details?

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I could scan the "rough" plans I worked from, but they are far from through. If that works tell me were to send.

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Great idea....and nice work.

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