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Candle Holder and Reindeer

I wanted to make handmade gifts for Christmas presents. After looking all over, I found a cool candle holder and reindeer plans. After a little modifications to the reindeer, this is what I made. The candle holder is solid cherry glued up to make a blank for turning on a lathe. Then I drilled a series of holes on my drill press. Then my Ryobi spindle sander took over. After 30+ minutes of smoothing the holes to look like a spiral flute they were ready for finishing. The reindeer were made out of 2 x 4 popular. They were made from a compound cut on the band saw then again the spindle sander removed all the rough cuts and a little creative sanding for looks and finish. All that was left was the bow. All the wood was from my Father In-Law's saw mill. You can see some of the other Christmas gifts in the background. Spending time in the workshop makes it feel like the Holidays to me.

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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Crafts & Decor,

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