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Reclaimed Entertainment Center - from old to new

I had a large oak entertainment center that was for the old style bulky tube tvs. When we splurged and got our new flat screen, the entertainment center didn't work for us. I tried to sell it at our garage sale - nobody wanted it. I tried to barter it and even give it away on Craigslist - nobody wanted it. What do I do with this behemoth that my wife wants out of the driveway. Well, I could cut it up in and put it in the trash ... wait a minute ... if I cut it in half, and put the top back on the bottom half, it would work as a modern entertainment center!

I did just that. First I removed the glass door from the front. After that, I used a wonderbar and removed the back and the top. I then used my Ryobi One+ circular saw and cut the top half off of the entertainment center. After making sure my cut was level, I ran a bead of adhesive around the top with my Ryobi One+ caulk gun, and placed the top back on. I reattached the back with staples and added a few finishing nails to the top. To finish it off, I wiped off the dust, and added a couple coats of varnish with my Ryobi One+ sprayer.

The longest part of the job was simply waiting for the varnish to dry.

My wife loved getting that thing out of the driveway, and she loves her new entertainment center.

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Great ingenuity - I'm a sucker for re-purposing wood and you did an excellent job. Congrats

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