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book and toy shelf

I just finished this project. Its a shelving unit for my sons room. It stand 7 foot by 5 foot. My wife wanted the shelves at different heights and different widths. She also wanted the molding around the entire thin to be only 3/4 of a inch (3/4 plywood)
Since it was 7 X 5 feet, it wouldn't fit up our 2 flights of stairs. It was built in my shop and was taken apart, and each seperate piece was sanded, primed, painted and brought upstairs and reassembled. It also had to support itself and is fastened to the wall and above a baseboard heater (see my other project) I did install 2 legs for extra support. I used pockets hole screws to attached the top and bottom and 6 supports on the top and bottom shelves. Each shelf contains a dado either on the top or both on top and on the bottom. The edges were finished off with 3/4 molding.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

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