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We loved the pergola displayed at our local Home Depot store but the price was too high for our budget so we took measurements and pictures, went home, did some calculations, and decided to build one on our own at a substantial savings. Once the materials were assembled it took about two weeks, begining to end, but was well worth it. We liked it so much we built an additional smaller version to fill in a gap between where the front porch roof did not cover the entire length of the porch floor. This had been a issue for years and until now, we could not come up with a solution that made us both happy!

For the projects, we heavily utilized the following Ryobi tools:

The 7-1/4 inch Laser Circular Saw
5 1/2 inch 18 Volt Circular Saw
18 Volt Drill-Driver
18 Volt Finish Sander
18 Volt Cordless Workshop light

We wanted the pergola made from rot/insect resistant cedar. Home Depot quickly came through on getting us special order sizes which were not normally in stock and the sales person in the paint department was most helpful in directing us to the stains which would preserve the project when finished.

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This is gorgeous! Great work. Looks like a fun place to hang out!

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Dora Rebecca

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces,

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