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Deck in a Weekend

My parents-in-law are in their upper 70's and having difficulties entering their house, as they had to open and hold the door, while going up two steps and typically needed to carry something.

Knowing they were going to be away for the upcoming weekend, I sketched out a deck and purchase the materials ahead of time. When they left, I set up shop and spent Friday, Saturday and most of Sunday and completed the deck. The Ryobi tools were great, especially at night (I was working until 11 PM). The cordless feature offers portability and the tools are quiet, smooth and a joy to use.

When my in-laws returned late Sunday, they were surprised and impressed!

The deck added functionality and beautified the area while solving the entry problem. By moving the stairs closer to the driveway and adding handrails, they now can negotiate the stairs separately from opening the doors. My mother in law said she loves the deck; when she brings groceries home, she unloads them from the car and places them on the deck, and then she goes onto the deck and brings them in.

Since building the deck, two other neighbors have done similar projects.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
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