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The Water access Cottage, my piece of heaven.

Building a log cabin on a water access property with no hydro, Ryobi drill has screwed in all the plywood for floor, and anywhere else screws where needed, amazing battery duration, easily recharged by generator and charging unit. Planer was amazing at planing off the top of the logs for a flat surface to attache dormer 2x6 walls. Ryobi made a big project more manageable for me. Skill saw was used to cut some of the plywood, sawsall cut all rebar for footings, and nails to correct a couple of framing errors, even installing the windows Ryobi Drill and sawsall made the job easier. My Ryobi flash lights work all the time again no hydro, and now last over 24 + hours on the replacement LED bulbs I found that turned a great flashlight into an amazing powermizer with more light than before.

I would recommend Ryobi tools to any weekend warrior, and even the pros great tools, Plus you keep your tools and can add more because Ryobi does note just keep changing the design just to keep selling you new tools to replace the perfectly good tools you can't find batteries for anymore.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Construction,

also by Larry1956

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