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I built this humidor with my dad. He brought the expertise and most of the tools. I brought the...cigars.

The wood is Goncalo Alves and the interior is lined with Spanish Cedar, which is raised above the edges to create a seal with the lid. It has recessed brass hinges, which are the only pieces of hardware. The exterior isn't stained at all, and the varnish really brings out the figure of the wood. It has a lot of character (read: imperfections), but I wouldn't trade it for the world (where would I keep my stogies??).

I'm calling this project advanced because it was just so tedious. Lots of sanding, planing, glue-ups, etc. I don't have any idea how many hours it took, as we completed it over several months.

table saw (rts30), biscuit joiner, quarter sheet sander

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Project Information

Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor, Other

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