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weekend warrior shed building challange

Last Christmas I received a Ryobi "Super Combo" kit from the in-laws. At first I thought it was a cool gift that would just collect dust in my garage. That is exactly what happened for the rest of the winter. As spring came around and the nice weather continued to get better for being outside, I decided to get the Super Combo set out and charge the batteries. The next thing that came to mind was to build a shed to store seasonal items and to de-clutter my garage so I could park the car inside. So, I went to the library and checked out a book on how to build a shed. Since I haven’t had any carpentry experience in my lifetime and I wanted it to look good, I followed the instructions word for word and diagram by diagram. (YES, I read the instructions. Don’t hold it against me please.) With the wood purchased and the Ryobi batteries charged I began one Saturday morning. My father in-law heard that I was building a shed with the battery operated tools that he had given to me. He told me that they were intended for smaller projects and wouldn’t hold up to that kind of stress. That gave me motivation to prove him wrong and put the battery operated tools to the test. My work schedule didn’t allow me to spend much more than a few hours at a time building my shed during the evening and on the weekends. The battery life and the tools themselves lasted longer than I ever could at one time. Two months later and the shed was completed by only using this tool kit to cut the wood and screw the pieces together. Not bad for an inexperienced weekend warrior I would say.

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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Construction, Garage

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