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Kitchen Remodel

Completely gutted my kitchen and rebuilt it. I used a Ryobi BT3100 saw, Ryobi 12" miter saw and my trusty 18V combo set (drill, circular saw, sawzall). Needed to purchase other tools as well including an orbital sander, sheet sander, power planer, router and angle driver, all were Ryobi. I built my cabinets and perfromed ALL work in the kitchen using the help of Ryobi. Very solid tools. This was only one of my projects. Our home is around 3200 square feet and I completely remodolled almost every inch over the course of a year and a half using my Ryobi tools. BYW, I'm not in the carpentry business and I've never built a cabinet before, but was able to figure it out and was very pleased with the way everything turned out.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Furniture, Renovations

also by islidur

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