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Shock On Fetick

Over the years I have acquired quit a few of the Ryobi 18v tools. I never knew I would be using every one of them every day for months. I relocated to an older town near Corpus Christi Texas. I bought a house that was originally owned by the brother of President Taft. My neighbor told me the house was built in the 1920's on the Taft Ranch, and later dragged by horses to the town of Taft. The house had been renovated several times, but the last few years it had been a rental house and then sat vacant. I had to buy 12 batteries to keep up with the work. Using the Ryobi tools I have rebuilt and entire exterior wall, used the caulk gun; and should have bought stock in the caulk industry. I cut down so many nuisance bushes and trees with the Ryobi chainsaw and tree trimmers, that on 6 occasions I had piles of bushes and trees that were the entire length of my property. I could go on but I will stop. I included a picture of the living room when the home was purchased, and a recent photo.

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Difficulty: Advanced

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