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Garden Barn

This is a 10 ft by 9 ft Garden Barn built with two portable Ryobi tools and a hammer for the shingles. I have a detached garage I use for woodworking and my wife's garden tools and the riding lawn mower were getting in the way of my shop. So this last fall I decided to build her a dedicated Garden Barn to store all the gardening tools. I realized that I could build this barn without using corded tools and decided that this would be the best solution. I used all SPAX screws and my Ryobi impact driver to build everything. Even driving the lag bolts to hold the walls to the foundation. All cuts were made with my portable circular saw. I was also lucky to have bought a Ryobi six pack charger and extra batteries over the last couple of years, so I was never out of battery power. It took me 5 weekends to get this barn built but not one drop cord was used. I had such a good time building it I'm thinking of building another one.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Construction, Garage

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