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Bunny Cage

My daughter had a school project that she needed to build something. She also had a rabbit that needed a new home. We decided to kill two birds with one stone. I had some lumber laying around the garage from some pallets that I had picked up from work. We figured out the size that we wanted and start to build the rabbitts new home. As challenges came up (like how to make a ramp for the rabbit to get upstairs into the insulated part) we had to some more design work and measuring. It was great to work with my daughter and teach her how to use hand tools and measuring devices. When we were done with the construction of the rabbits new home we decided to put some varnish on the outside to help keep the wood more preserved. We also attached some rabbit wire to the inside and made a holding tray underneath for the rabbit stuff. It was fun to build the rabbit a new home and get a project done for my daughter. Thank you.

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Difficulty: Easy

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