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Snow tubing ramp.

Last winter we piled snow up on top of a hill in our back yard. This was kind of a hassle being all of the snow had to be hauled up the hill and pilled up. My kids and I decided to build a ramp to go tubing off of in our back yard. With the ramp we could get more speed up for going down the hill. My kids also made a jump a the bottom of the hill and the ramp made it possible to get some good air with the tube. A friend of ours had bought a couple of snow tubes. I bought some treated lumber for the legs. I had some 2x4's and the plywood around the garage. I used the treated lumber and the 2x4's for the frame. I also used 2x4's for the railing around the upper part to keep the kids safe when they were tuibng. I used 3/4" plywood for the ramp and covered it with some linoleum that was left over from the construction of our house to protect the bottom side of the tubes.

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