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Backyard Fence & Porcelain Kitchen Counter Top

Neighbor's dog broke through the fence on that very Friday evening, so out came the Ryobi cordless drill & phillips bits to patch it up. Neighbor happened to be out and just my luck, he agreed to putting up a new fence right away. So off to Home Depot to get 350 6' dog ears, 30 10' treated 2x4s, brackets and a bucket of wood screws. Tearing down the fence was easy, a 20 year old wood fence. However, I thought we'd never get the new fence up over the course of the long weekend. I have 2 batteries, a quick charger, and my trusty Ryobi cordless drill. Was a good weekend and in record time, about 1.5 hours per section, we had the entire fence rebuilt. I attribute this to the Ryobi drill's clutch, set at 5lbs torque, which let me fire screws into the wood like butter without worrying about drilling straight through the wood itself.

Three weekends following, my wife mentioned a new counter top. I had to agree.. 1980s 6" square ceramic tiles and old white sink. So off to the hardware store to pick up a masonry’s chisel and 3lb hammer, nearly 1000 lbs of porcelain tile and all the other necessities. Oh, also bought the Ryobi tile cutter. This was quite an amazing experience, as I've never cut anything tougher than a well-done steak in my entire life. After setting up the Ryobi, I was off to business. This is an amazing device! Metal top and large water capacity made cutting an almost continuous process and cleanup a side thought. The tile was so easy to cut. I only had to refill the water reservoir twice during the cutting process.

Both projects came out beautiful! Looking forward to the next long weekend? YOU BET!

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