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Mom's Spice Rack

My mother asked me to build her a spice rack to keep her well organized in the kitchen. She didn't give me much to go on other than she wanted it big enough to store lots of spices. So I took to Home Depot with a blank sheet of paper (my construction canvas if you will). I found a very nice piece of pine. 1x6x8 and picked out a gorgeous cherry wood stain for the finish. Upon arriving back to my shop (garage) and having fully charged my One+ batteries (I have 3 Lithium Ion 18v that never cease to amaze me) and began my measurements to make both side walls. After I measured the appropriate 3 times I used my Ryobi cordless circular saw and made my cuts.
Once my side rails were complete I took to measuring out my supporting back beams and cutting my wooden dowels to length. Along with these cuts I made my cuts on the wooden slats that would hold Mom’s spice world wonders. Once cut to size I laid out my pieces to ensure accuracy. Then I used my Ryobi cordless Random orbital sander and used 120 grit to smooth out my pieces. Once that was done to my liking I then layered on 3 coats of beautiful stain. Once dry I glued all the pieces together and watched my mother smile in pure amazement.

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