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Wall Unit with Murphy Bed

I bought a wall bed hardware kit on line. Purchased materials locally to complete the project. I wanted the stored bed to be functional as a piece of furniture. I added a bookcase on one side to make a more complete wall unit. In addition I constructed a fold down desk top. The Pictures and lower panels were constructed from an old privacy screen that I cut down to fit the areas I needed to cover. Two of the Pictures hide the legs of the bed when it is folded up as a wall unit so it does not have that tell-tale wall bed look.. The pictures are easily removed and put on the inside wall when the bed is down. Magnets were used to hold the lower panels in place when the bed is folded down. The assembly of the wood pieces was done with "SPAX" screws. I bought two new tools to help with construction, a 1/2 drive RYOBI combination drill, and a cordless RYOBI paint sprayer. If I build another I will use lumber core plywood, as I had some warpage with regular oak veneer plywood......We love the additional work area and the grandkids think the fold-up bed is "COOL".

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Construction, Furniture

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