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Mom's House

I am replacing the front and rear doors, repairing walls, painting and replacing the flooring in my 78 year old mother's house along with trying to help her de-clutter. Our elderly are more prone to severe injury from slips and falls and need a clear and wide path for moving about to help prevent slips and trips. I love my mother and want to make her feel more comfortable and safe in her own home. I have used my Ryobi tools extensively on this project. I own quite a few Ryobi power tools from the portable table saw and 7 1/4" miter saw with the quick stand to lots of the 18 volt tools and I have also upgraded to the Lithium Ion batteries. It was great not having to replace all of my tools and still to be able to use the newer Li-ion batteries. I have found that Ryobi tools are well made and last. I have even purchased them for my companies use at work. They last even in a tough commercial / professional environment!

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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Renovations,

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