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Residential re-roof

After 30 years and one shingle over, we decided it was time to re-roof our home for the last time. Wife Doris and I have volunteered nationwide pretty much full time with Habitat for Humainity since retiring in 2006 and had many friends come to help out. The 2800 sq ft of 5V crimp metal roofing was fastened with over 5000 screws, every one driven by one of several Ryobi 18V One+ impact drivers. We also used our One+ VSR drills, the 5 1/2 circular saw and reciprocating saw. The tools' flawless proformence is even more impressive considering those tools have spent the past few years putting in cabinets, doors, decks and a host of other work on Habitat homes where ever we've been and rolling around in the bottom of tool boxes between times on the road. The tools are used (and abused) by volunteers almost daily and have yet to fail to perform outstandlingly. We did switch to lithium ion batteries for the dozen or so one+ tools we own and use several years ago and this has improved their utility even more.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces,

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