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storage shed and community grill patio

Myself, my wife and our 18 month old moved to our new place. We had to first use are third room as a storage room which didnt really allow for our son to play with any of his toys. We had been trying to find a shed and could find the right one we could get for storage. One day while we were having a family day a friend of us called and asked if I could help with tearing down an old shed. Well the shed was 12x10x10. All the wood was just going to be trashed but I decide since our community had started a go green project to show the kids what kinds of things could be done still by going green that I would recycle the wood to build our family shed. I got together with some of the community parents and got them to agree to allow their kids to borrow any tools that they had and taught the kids about going green and just what teamwork could do. After the project was done I had never seen kids so happy and pleased with what they could do with team work and recyclin The 12x10x 10 shed got.turned into a 9x6x7 shed with a 2x7 grill patio on the side that is now used for community cook outs and get togethers. Everytime we have a bbq or some kind of get together the kids always want to show off what they It makes me feel so great seeing a kid so happy to so something that they did.

Just wish I would have gotten some pictures with the kids.

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Difficulty: Intermediate

also by james86

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