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Pantry Storage

Originally the wall had a built in, fold-down ironing board encased in a wooden frame between the wall studs, hidden behind a wooden door.
This created the idea to utilized the space between the kitchen wall studs for additional pantry-type storage (can goods,narrow cerial boxes etc.); thus creating three vertical storage cupboards.
I carefully removed the sheet rock between two additional studs to match the original ironing board opening, having measured the width, length and depth of the origional frame.
I built three inserts with shelving to create the new storage, customizing the spaces between shelves to match our storage needs .
To keep visual flow of the wall,, I cut thin doors from high-grade plywood. The edges and corners are rounded and the hardware is kept fairly flush.

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Alvin Botelho

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Renovations,

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