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Drawer organization

We all have "junk" drawers, sometimes we wish we didn't. I started to make some organizers to de-clutter a couple of office drawers. Simple to do, and you can use scrap materials if you have them laying around. With my first drawer I wanted a bottom section, and a tray on top that would slide out of the way. Start by measuring your drawers. Cut two pieces of wood to act as "slides" for the top tray, and run them either side-to-side or front-to-back in the drawer. Fasten them with screws by drilling pass-through holes through the drawer and pilot holes through the pieces of wood. To keep from drilling through the front of your drawer simply go in from the bottom. Once the "slides" are in you can add wood to divide the drawer into sections, or leave it one section. Next you make the top tray. For mine, with the "slides' running front-to-back, the tray is made to the width of the drawer, and a little less than half the depth, so I can reach behind it when it's forward, and slide it back to get in front of it. I used Masonite for the tray, simply drilled pilot holes and put it together with finish nails. Simple to do if you take the time to measure correctly, and take the time to drill pilot holes for the nails. Works great for organizing drawers anywhere in your home or garage.

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Difficulty: Easy

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