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Power tool mounts...

Simple, easy thing to do with those old dead NiCads from your One+ tools: Take the battery cells out and dispose of them according to your local requirements, then use the plastic shells as mounts for your tools. Once your NiCads die and you want to replace them, instead of throwing them away re-purpose them. There are 6 (six) Philips-head screws that hold the shell together. Take those out, pull the orange top off, and remove the battery cells. Put the shell back together, and find a good spot to hang your tools. I used the cabinet over my workbench, plus I built a small mount for a couple of other tools to hang on. For the cabinet I simply drilled a couple of holes through the bottom, countersunk them, then screwed two 1 5/8" drywall screws through the holes and into the battery shells. Then just snap your tool onto the shell. To take it off just hold the tool, then press the buttons on the shell.

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Well Organized

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William Ver Valin

Great idea. Thank you.

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Texas cowman


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Thanks. There's now 8 tools hanging from the cabinet...

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nice idea

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Difficulty: Easy

also by Kato

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