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Palette coffee table

My wife gets palettes from work, I use the wood for pretty much everything around the house. Decided one day to make a coffee table out of one of the palettes. I didn't take any in-progress shots, but here it is. Cut it into three sections, sanded it, then screwed the three pieces together. Decided to stain and urethane it too. Easy to do, doesn't take too long except for the sanding part of it. Drill pass-through holes into the top, then drill pilot holes in the middle. Screw the two together then flip it over and do the same with the bottom, fastening it to the middle. Add wheels to be able to move it around. Leave it bare or paint/stain it, works either way. Longest time invested is the time waiting for the stain and urethane to dry. Solid enough to use as a bench too.

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Great job, we love it!

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