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Rocking Horse

I built this for my granddaugthers 1st birthday.

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Great job on this. Would you share the print if you used one.

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Many thanks RAD21. Would be glad to but most of build came from my own thoughts. Found an old plan online years ago for idea and just ran with it. I am working on my 3rd one now for a friends grandchild. Each time I change a little something that I find easier and just keep a notebook with each change so I know next time. I would be proud to share my notes and would be glad for any suggestions .

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Is there a chance that I can too? I love this and have been scrounging ideas for a gift for my niece. I have found some that don't even look like a horse. This looks absolutely amazing!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor,

also by sockdyer

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