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Laminate/tile floors w/ baseboards, trim & crown

We completely changed the flooring of our house! We removed 30 year old tile and carpet in the kitchen, dining room, family room, study and closets, and replaced it with Brazilian Cherry laminate and modern tile. In addition, the baseboards and quarter round were replaced and we also added crown molding to the vaulted ceiling living room.

Knowing that I needed a nail gun for these projects, I researched the different brands of air compressors and nail guns. While I hated the idea of the noise of the compressor, the inconvenience of dragging around the hose and the time spent getting it out and putting it away, it was a better solution than manually nailing everything. BUT then I found the AirStrike! No noise, hose, or setup time, AND it was less expensive that a compressor & air gun!

After many weekends of ripping up tile and putting down laminate, I thought we were pretty much done. On the other hand completing all the baseboards, quarter round and crown molding was a whole project in itself! In particular, cutting & nailing the crown molding on a vaulted ceiling was... interesting to get the angles correct. Then there were the bay windows... So many ways to screw up!

The AirStrike nail gun was great. In all the nails I shot, I didn’t have any jams. Not one. I also found reloading was quick and easy and the built-in light is a very nice touch. I really love this tool!

When all was done, there was that little matter of layers of dust EVERYWHERE (mostly from getting rid of the tile). This was the 3rd project within a project, but my wife took care of that. Now I have a WifeStrike too! :)

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