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I have been in need of a work bench since we moved in so I decided to build one. It took a little longer than expected, because I attended a baby shower cookout about half way through the project.

I built the frame out of 2x4s, and one sheet of 3/4 plywood. I slotted the 2x4s and made a frame for the peg board, and used 2x2 furring strips in the back for support. Everything is fastened together with glue and deck screws using my Ryobi drill, and my impact driver.

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Cool work bench. I like the simple design and it looks good and sturdy. Thanks for sharing, I'm probably going to copy some of your ideas for my own bench.

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I like the bench! The mossy oak pegboard is a nice touch. I was thinkin of doin the somethin similar with birch snow camo. Nicely done man!

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