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My husband and I recently got married and purchased our first house. We wanted to update some things around the house and build some projects. We had hand-me-down tools and was using a card table. For Christmas, I decided to build my husband a workbench with my dad's help and a few of his Ryobi tools. I added some special touches by painting the top with chalkboard paint if he wanted to write down measurements. He is a die-hard San Francisco 49ers fan, so I also painted their logo in the middle of the workbench. I am a Texas native living out in California. Being a Cowboys fan, I couldn't have a huge niners logo and nothing for my boys, so I added a little touch to make it my own as well (see the picture). This bench was a simple project but added a bunch of value to us when it came to building for future projects.

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This is awesome! Any way I could get the plans/dimensions for this?


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Looks Great! It would look even better if it was Da Bears!

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Amazing Job. He's a lucky man.

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I'd love the plans for that as well. Great table

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Difficulty: Easy
Category: Furniture, Garage

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