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Deck project

The deck was built in 3 days with the help of my wife, my brother in law and his wife. The deck had to be modified from a standard deck due to the fact that it had to cover a semi-circular concrete deck and stairs. Part of the deck had to rest on the concrete deck and the rest on concrete stanctions (due to a concrete patio extending out from the stairs. The deck was built to a dimemsion of 14X14. I designed the railings so that a grandchild (or dog) could not get through them. The steps were made over size to allow large items to be taken in and out of the house as well as contribute a sense of openness to the deck. Later a set of gates were installed as well as a Sun Saver rollup awning and screen room. It is our favorite place (and the dogs) in the summer.Ryobi tools were used (drills, saws and sanders) during the entire construction. The 18 volt tools did a great job while putting this together.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces,

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