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Lamborghini Pressure Wash

Recently I ve been addicted to all the Ryobi 1 tools, it all started with the 40v electric lawn mower, then soon expanded to all the other 18v power tools. On a sunday morning drive I decided to stop by home depot to pick up some wood stain samples but ended up buying a pressure washer (mostly because it was green and matched my rapidly growing tool collection)
When I came out of the store with the very bulky box, I realized I wasn't in my SUV!

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This is awesome!

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Anyone that trusts a product enough to use on a 6 figure car, is a convincer.
I'm convinced!

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It's great when the dealership lets the detail boy run out and pick up a new pressure washer. I mean why is a guy who owns a Lamborghini trying to win a free tool?

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Actually, I did'nt even know this site was for people to win free tools...
I just posted on here to share my projects for fun. Also I am pretty sure dealerships would'nt let a detail boy take a $400k car out to pick up a pressure washer..

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Come pick me up, I'll leave my wheel chair and take me out for a beer so I can act like it's my ride and we'll pick up a couple of girls, my wife will be at work, and I'll forgive you. I also have all these votes to give out, maybe you'll get a free tool. Just kiddin about the whole thing, totally jealous that your car can buy three of my houses. Really, something you should brag about! Lug

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Difficulty: Easy
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