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Kitchen Floor

A few weeks before this project, I bought the Ryobi One+ Cordless 6-Tool combo pack to make some repairs on our outdoor deck. They are great tools and encouraged me to tackle the floating kitchen floor project shown, on which I used the Ryobi drill, circular saw, multi-tool, reciprocating saw, and the useful flashlight. While replacing the trim I was bending nails and discouraged, so I splurged on the Cordless 18-gauge Ryobi nailer and discovered it's the ONLY way to restore trim ... the nailer was a huge time saver and worked like a champ, nailing through 9/16" Oak trim without a problem. The nailer took most of the pain out of resetting the trim.
I've never tried a floor before, and these tools made the job possible in combo with my father-in-law's Ryobi table saw and his compound power miter saw (now I want my own!). The floor is stranded woven bamboo with Alum Oxide coating -- it's very hard and tough, but the Ryobi tools all worked great. I'm now a devoted a Ryobi convert.

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