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2 piece simple and classy tv-dinner table

I was tired of wobbly tv-dinner tables, and they were quite frankly in the way. The remotes kept being knocked over and breaking, drinks were spilled, food was knocked over, there had to be a better way! So I made this very simple, yet elegant side table for my couch. I went from student den to warm and welcoming living room in just a few steps with two pieces of wood!

1-A piece of sacrificial wood was pre-drilled with the walnut so that 4 ¼ inch bolts would hold them together.
2-I then put tee nuts UNDER the sacrificial wood, so that when the table was bolted on it would pull up on them and be very snug.
3-The sacrificial wood was then screwed (with countersinks to avoid issues) onto the arm rest.
4-The walnut was sanded and coated with LIVOS oil (a special blend of boiled linseed and other oils)

Now the table bolts on easily, and can easily be removed for clean ups, or to clean the couch cover my fiancée is making. By using bolts instead of screws, I can guarantee that my table will not get damaged over time.

Comments (2)

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Looks even better when I don't take the picture of it installed backwards. It hangs over the air, not over the pillow *facepalm*

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very clever! We like it!

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