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Pergola and Florida Room

Using my Ryobi cordless tools, I converted a screened-in patio to a very comfortable living space with large sliding windows and new patio door. I installed a ceiling fan as well as a portable Air conditioner/ heater for year round comfort. I also expanded the living space by building a 16' x 16' pergola using 2 x 12's, 2 x 6's and 2 x 4's and 6 x 6 posts. The total project took me approximately 60 hours to complete. But the end product showed that it was time well spent. Now I can relax in comfort while enjoying the fruits of my labor.
The tools I used were my Ryobi cordless drill and impact driver, cordless hammer drill, cordless reciprocating saw, cordless circular saw, cordless miter saw, cordless router, cordless right angle drill, Ryobi table saw, and of course, my Ryobi cordless radio. Ryobi cordless tools made this job a much easier job to complete because of the long life of the Lithium-ion batteries and lack of cords laying across the job-site. Cordless is definitely the way to go.

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Hello were the 6_6 post fastened to the concrete and how well do you feel about the strength and longevity of this application

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I used 5/8" galvanized wedge bolts to anchor the post bases to the concrete. I walked across the top of this pergola to put in all of the screws to secure the 2 x 6's and 2 x 4's. I feel very confident that this is a solid project that will last for many years.

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OK wesnorton sounds good to me.....I have to investigate those wedge bolts that you refer pergola, if I ever build it will be free standing on an existing concrete patio without the added stability of being anchored t any side to a structure

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