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Garden Shed

I designed this garden shed, drawing it myself. Got most of the lumber from home depot, but a lot was recycled from my house too. I used cedar fence boards as siding (dog ear at the bottom). For sheer, I used left over plywood. I put cedar shingles at the peak for decoration. Used almost all Ryobi tools to build it! I used a Ryobi Jig Saw, Router, Impact driver, miter saw, and cordless drill.

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Look very cool. Do you have the design plan to share with the rest? How much did you spend on the materials.

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how cool!!!

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@n_nguyen - I do not have detailed plans because I designed it myself. However, I am thinking about drawing up some plans, which I will post due interest here and elsewhere. It turns out that there was almost no waste of materials with common lumber dimensions, which was a little planning, and a lot of luck. Total material cost was $900. This includes the self-poured concrete pad and cedar shingles - but does not include the door, window and sheer plywood. Those materials were all recycled from my house, and would probably add another $400 to the cost if you had to buy them separately.

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