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Ryobi Helped Make My Yard Attractive!!

Landscaped our yard with the help of a lot family & friends. Now when we have BBQ'S this summer it will look nice. We usually have the family get togethers at our house so was nice to have the help. We did rock trim, sod, planted flowers & shrubs. Some of the tools we used were a long handled shovel, hoe, pruner, and my Uncle's Ryobi Cultivator Attachment. That made the work sooo much easier-just love it-will have to get one of my own someday. Maintenance will include mowing, using a trimmer, weed control & more. Sure will need some more Ryobi tools to keep this looking it's best
used a DRILL and a bulb auger attachment to drill the holes for the plants.Drilled several holes next to each other with the auger for each plant since the ground was so very hard and it was too hard for you to use the shovel. Work smarter, not harder.Took a while but saved my back & legs.
Put new boards along the fence line that had come out or needed replacement.

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Wow! Great job. I bet you have really enjoyed your new yard. It is beautiful!

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Looks good!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces,

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