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Living Room Remodel

Our home was built in 1905 (it's been in the family for over 100 years). It's a single story bungalow in north Denver. The house sits in a very affluent neighborhood - many houses are $400k to over $900k - mostly older homes with lots of renovation happening in the area. Our house is very small - one of the smallest houses in the area (750 sqf of living area), with a cellar, a carriage house and a shop (that I built). We (myself, wife and some help from my son) have done all the renovations to the inside of the house, front and back yards and the carriage house. This house was 'renovated' 15 years ago for my mom (I was living in Chicago at the time) by a GC who took many shortcuts and definitely advantage of my mom's lack of conceptual knowledge of how he should have done the work. My mom has passed since then and I have purchased the home and have been renovating (and fixing the GC's shortcuts) the last few years. I have attached pictures of what the living room looked like during our renovation and how it looks currently. Ceiling fan, wood floors, new windows (expanded), new front door (expanded), new walls and paint. All work was done using my Ryobi tools (with some help from my Rigid nail gun).

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