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Farmhouse Table

I have to tell you that I had used a circular saw, one time, many years ago…and I was super nervous about the saw part of this project. In fact I told my hubby right before making my first cut–

“If I don’t come back in the house within 5 minutes,

PLEASE come check on me…I may have lost a limb!”

I am such a rookie that I didn’t even look at the boards at the big box store…I just took the top boards off the piles and bolted out as fast as I could. I laugh now, but I was so worried someone would look at me and think…


The truth hurts!!

But, I can say after a project like this…I gained experience and I am coming back for more!!

I used the Ryobi 10 inch table saw for all the cuts. I debated about which saw to buy and I am so happy with this saw. It is the perfect saw for me and what I need it for. (portable, small saw for hobby projects and versatile).

This was my first big project and I am so excited to share it. I have been inspired to complete many more projects!

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Skeeter wood works

Very awesome.

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That turned out very nice! What kind of wood did you use?

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Dakota Creek Chic

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Difficulty: Intermediate
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