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Ryobi Cordless Prefabricated Modular Storage Barn

This 8' x 12' wood barn was built with my entire 5 piece 2008 Ryobi cordless tool set!

It was prefabricated on the ground in 4 major components; the floor platform, 4 exterior wall panels, 7 job built prefabricated roof trusses in my backyard.

The floor platform with (4) 4"X4", 30" high legs on the corners and plywood floor on it served as the table to build the rest!

All on 24" centers, only screws used and all on module. Walls all erected in 45 minutes!
Roof set in 1 hour!

Only 1 wheelbarrow of waste. I designed the plans and built it with my 83 yr old WW 2, Korean War Vet helper who worked from sitting position (handicapped).

Two hurricane hold down anchors & all roof truss metal hold down clips used to deal with 100 mph winds gusts off of Lake Erie.

My Ryobi Tools & Me...

An awesome combo!

Tom Hiegel

Comments (3)

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This looks awesome Tom!! Thanks for sharing!

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Way to go, man, this is an awesome project & the best work I've seen on this site so far. I'd love to view a photo gallery of your work-in-progress. Impressive work, dude, +1 for you!

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Looks great,thanks for sharing!

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