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Reshingling a Roof- Fall Fix Up

Fall Fix Up- With some help from friends this isn't too difficult a project but can still take most of a week to complete.

1st---Remove old shingles.

2nd ---Remove leftover debris from the roof.

3rd---Secure loose boards, and nails that may have worked up. Hammer any nails that are loose in the roofing boards.

4th---Cover large holes in boards. Leave small holes uncovered. If you cannot fit your finger through a hole, it is small enough to leave uncovered.

5th---Install the roofing felt horizontally across the roof. Use a staple gun or hammer tacker to staple the felt to the roof.

6th---Install the drip edge horizontally against the edge of the roof .

7th---Secure new shingles. The center of each shingle in each row should lay directly above the edge of the shingle in the row below it. You will have an offset pattern in the shingles, so that the edges of the shingles do not line up vertically.

8th---Secure the ridge cap. Place the ridge cap shingles over the roof ridges. The cap of each shingle should fall evenly in half over each side of the ridge.

9th---Dispose of the old shingles and nails in a garbage can or dumpster.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Exterior Spaces,

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