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Serenity by the Falls

So I promised my wife a water feature a few years back and finally did it last week! Simple closed-system with water pulled up from three barrels up through PVC to a water fall (sheer descent). Looks and sounds awesome!!

Challenges: since the barrels had to be connected together, I had to make sure the water flowing out of the middle barrel (where the pump sits) is at the same rate as water pouring in from the two side barrels.. Played with elevation of the side barrels and valves on each of the water falls to achieve that balance... I am no fluid mechanics guy so I experimented.

Remaining to be done is to mulch the ground and add some blue LEDs at the top which should happen in the next few days (this was not in the original promise to wife!). I also have a couple of metal art pieces that I need to attach to hide the piping.

Other recommendations to make it better welcome!!

Happy anniversary honey!

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cool gift for the wife hope she appreciates it bro...18

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great thought for a cool gift

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The colors are awesome and highlights the whole project well. Nice job!

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor,

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