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Super Tuff Concrete & Wood Potting /Grilling table

I wanted something fireproof to place my little charcoal gill on and always wanted to try concrete counter tops, so this looked like the perfect project.I built the frame with basic 4x4 treated posts and the shelf is a treated piece of decking. The concrete is noting special for this just a good quality 5000psi mix. It took 2 1/2 bags of concrete and 2 pint containers of dark grey coloring pigment. I built the top by making a 2-1/2" box out of melamine and then placed a couple of fern leaves on the board to give the impression in the concrete. Not too hard to make, but it is super heavy. The hours to complete project do not factor in 48hrs curing time.

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Good job. I have also always wanted to try my hand at concrete counter tops, but the furthest I have gotten is buying a couple of books on the subject. I may try something like this soon. Thanks for posting it up.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
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