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Bedslide for trucks with toneau covere

Built a bed slide for my 2008 Dodge Ram. Parts ran me about $250 which is considerably less than what you can buy. the slide sets on a base 3/4 inch sheet of plywood split length wise down the middle and lapped by a 1x4 . This allows the base to be expanded and accommodate a 4 foot wide sliding floor which is rimmed with 2x2's. The slide floats on 28 1 1/2 inch fixed rubber casters spaced 1 foot apart. 2 additional 2x2's are screwed length wise on the underside of the bed which keeps the bed centered and out of any bide with the sides. Two more 2x2's are the top of the rail which keeps the slide from tipping when fully extended. Took about 12 hours gluing and head scratching as well as painting for me to assemble and fit in about 4 hours the next day

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I really like the pull out for the back of the pick up trucks. I wish the company I work for would invest in one of these.

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would love to see plans for this could use one for my pickup

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This is cool. Tanks for sharing.

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Great! Could use this myself. You should patent it.

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I need this as I have a bed cover on my truck. It is difficult to access the front of the bed near the cab even with the cover open. I'd like to try this.

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