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Laundry Pedestals

Couldnt bring myself to spend $600 for our front load washer & dryer. For approx $100 in lumber I built this....

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thanks I have been thinking about do this now I can show my wife

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How is it on the lack of vibration
What is it made of

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Vibration hasn't been an issue. The washer and dryer havent moved. Of course it's important to make sure both are level with their adjustable legs. It's a very simple project. Two platforms are 2x4 frames with 3/4" MDF decking. 4x4's are used for the legs. Back band and Base Cap moulding used for decorative touches

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Laundry baskets are always in the way....until you need them :) Great idea for stowing them in the area where they're most needed.

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brilliant idea!

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The bossman likes the ideal.

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Farmer Giles

Cool idea, simple but effective! Will do that when we upgrade our washer dryer. Thanks

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i have a customer wanting to do the same. thanks for the idea.

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