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Raised Garden Beds

Cedar raised garden beds

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Do you have plans and list of materials?

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great for older folks that can not bend over to work a garden.

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Nice planters, I am also curious about plans for these.

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I am intereted in knowing what is used as the bottom and is it preforated.

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I would love how you made these. These will allow me to plant a small garden which I have always wanted without all the back breaking work of digging up part of my yard. Do you have plans and a list of materials?

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Please give me info how to build and material list.

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I used cedar for materials but you could use any untreated wood. I got the plans from this site:

I modifyed the plans buy using landscape fabric to line the bottom and insides of the beds

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...and since I used landscape/weed blocker fabric, I was able to skip the coconut cloth the plans called for.

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and you can see from my pics I also made my bed deeper then the plans by doubling up on the 1x6 for the sides

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Evil Bob

I'm making three of these today. I'm using 2x12 for mine so it will be a bit sturdier. Awesome project!

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I used a similar pattern when I built a planter box but I lined it with hardy board and drilled holes in the bottom for drainage. I'm hoping that it will last longer instead of boards.

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