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Southwest Bowl

My daughter recently moved from the deep south to New Mexico and has decorated her new house southwest style. I wanted to make her something that went with the decor. This bowl is maple with purpleheart thunderbird and square wave inlay. I use my Ryobi hand planer to smooth and shape rough wood before putting it on the lathe. I use my Ryobi disc/belt sander to smooth and shape the segments. I use my Ryobi drill with sanding discs to rough sand the piece while still on the lathe. Bowl consists of 330 separate wood segments that have to be shaped, sanded, glued. Then the whole piece has to be turned, shaped and sanded on my lathe. Final finish is sanded to 1200 grit and waxed.

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This is a beautiful work of art.

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Type of wood?

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Absolutely beautiful.

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This is gorgeous work. I am very much a kinesthetic learner so I would have to watch someone create something like this before I could actually do it myself. I have to have that hands-on teaching. Wish there was a class where I live. Again...beautiful piece. I know you daughter loved it.

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I can't believe this is just an intermediate project. It is awesome.

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Difficulty: Intermediate
Category: Crafts & Decor,

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