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Parquet Ceiling

While painting the ceiling in the study of my recently-purchased vintage home I discovered the original paint was oil-base – and I was using latex. Each pass of the roller peeled off old paint. The whole thing was a mess. I tried scraping the old paint off but with the rough plaster made it impossible.
Some weeks earlier I had brought home 22 old unwanted pallets thinking I would somehow use the wood because pallets are made from hardwood – oak, poplar, walnut, etc.
So I had a brainstorm. I’d make a wood ceiling to cover the awful ceiling!.
I cut the best of the wood from the pallets and ran them through my planer…then ripped, cut to length, and used Liquid Nails to attach them to 3x3 sheets of ¼ inch plywood as a backing and to fill in the center areas. I used 3x3 because I’d sized the pallet wood to 12” squares and could put 9 squares on each. Also 3x3 would be fairly easy to handle and install.
After a few coats of polyurethane, the beauty of the old wood came to life.
I ran furring strips across the ceiling and attached the 3x3 “parquet” sections to them with adhesive and nails. To cover the edges I ran beaded screen trim stained to match the parquet.
Once I got to the window area of the room I ran out of plywood backing so I used the last of the pallet wood and framed mirror tiles – which turned out nicely because they reflect more light into the room.
The craziest part of the whole project was that I installed this ceiling with a big baby grand piano in the middle of the room – and 3 months later had it moved out of the room!

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Very Nice... Good Luck...

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That is sweet. I'm going to do that in our kitchen. Beautiful!

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Wow. This is nice!

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Great use of reclaimed wood. Adds a nice interest to the ceiling

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