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A gift to a wonderful Soldier and his wife.

I made this cradle out of love and gratitude for my nephew Luke and his wife Colby who are expecting their first child. Luke is presently serving in the US ARMY in Afghanistan as an enlisted man. He has not seen this cradle yet as I intend to submit it now then tell him to check Ryobi Nation"s site. This is his fourth overseas tour and I pray that he gets home safe to see his child being born. I made this cradle from Hickory, Cherry, Oak, Walnut and the wood plugs were made from a block of Ebony. I bought the wood rough cut and used the Ryobi 13" Planner to help get it smooth. I used my Ryobi Drill press, 18volt hand drill for all the fastening and I used the Ryobi skill saw and Ryobi table sander for a great amount of sanding. I used the Ryobi Forstner Bits to cut the hand holds. I did the woodburning freehand and colored the birds, butterflys and flowers with colored pencils. I purchased the Celtic Cross and Dublin Cross from a luthier supply house. I hope he gets home safe to enjoy his new family. Love Uncle Joe

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very nice

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Now this IS a GOOD JOB. I value seeing a serious woodworker carrying a project thru with Craft and Care. The sincerity and integrity shows in every Detail. Few understand the amount of effort, time, planning, work, labor and commitment it takes to dot the last "i" and cross the last "t" and do so with success thru-out the process.
You get a Big, Hearty, Slap on the Back, from me.

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I absolutely LOVE this piece. SMOOTH as silk, and so very artistic in each and every detail. One can see the love of the artist for the recipient of this precious gift with every step of the process it took him to make it.. It is Beautiful.

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This builder obviously put his heart and soul into this project. Artistry, quality and true craftsmanship shine through. Your nephew and family will be proud to own this piece

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