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Handmade Wooden Crucifix

I made this Cross for my wife when her Grandmother passed away. The design was based on the Crucifix in my church. The Cross was simple with just a dado in the middle to hold it together. The Christ was a little more complicated. It started with a componud cut on the scroll saw. The rest was sanding and detail work with a hand held grinder. The wood I used for the Cross was wenge. It is an exotic wood from Africia. The Christ was made of Indiana poplar I got from my Father-In-Law. I not only made one for her but also for him. They both were very happy to have reiceved a momento of her.

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My Lord and Savior on Good Friday. What a beautiful project.

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Couldn't agree more! Do you have plans for it? How important is artistic talent needed?

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Well done!

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Thanks, sorry didn't read the other comments. I don't really have plans but I do have a pattern for the compound cut for the body. My Ryobi orbital spindle sander is a must to have. Couldn't do with out it. I'll try to remember to scan it and add that to the listing.

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Difficulty: Easy
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